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On March 7th 2015 was the Fathom party at Long Island Glass. The new company Name.Kitchen flew all the way in from Chicago to film the process of making our clothing. They wanted to know more about our new emerging company and learn about the meaning behind it and the blood sweat and tears involved in creating something by hand. Name.Kitchen is a domain company, it is a sub-division of the larger company Donuts.

I hope that everyone had a good time the other day. Joe and Brian from Long Island Glass where kind enough to give us so much space to work with. Without Long Island Glass we could’ve never gotten this done in the short amount of time.

But watch out for the video release of Fathom by Name.Kitchen, there’s a lot of behind the scenes footage where you can see the “struggle” that we go through. All in all, these events are geared more for the artists and musicians that we invite to play and display their work. We will be holding more events and they will only get bigger and bigger.

Matty Carter and Ariel started killing it at 9. They are simply becoming one of my favorite artists out today, and Funknasty Killed it as usual too.

Name.Kitchen is a company in Chicago that focuses on the development and use of names, especially business names and how and what they mean, “We take a 360-degree approach to naming. Expect a blend of business, human interest and pop culture. After all, every name has a story — and those stories may influence the next name you bestow upon something or someone.”

Name.Kitchen filming our friends

Soon enough, we will find out exactly what they think of Fathom and how it works with what were are trying to do. Our motto is Be Your Own Revolution, and we want the community and the people around us to associate Fathom with change, and the type of change that can benefit not only the individual but the community as a whole. So eventually the Fathom Brand won’t just be associated with wicked cool clothes but with an attitude that whatever change you want to see in the world it can be accomplished as long as it starts within each and every one of us.