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Alternative Models

Audreyrose and Jill Malone modeled for us at Lighthouse Clix photo studio in Holtsville, on Long Island. And as always Audrey was amazing she has been one of the most important models that are company has the pleasure to work with. She is very natural behind the camera and is always in a good mood, you can have fun and work with her at the same time. 

You can also say the same thing for all the models that we have worked with so far, Anthony Cavuoto from Funknasty, the world famous Kitty Crystal, Sean Carpenter, Tiffany CollinsStevie TropeanoRosemary Angelus and Jessica Andromida. We have been lucky so far to have all these wonderful people take time out to do some photo shoots with us.

Don Audio, who we have been using an awful lot to take these photo shoot is also someone I’d like to thank. Don has a warehouse out in Holtsville where he has musicians come in on the regular and practice or record. One day maybe we’ll get him to let us have a keg party there, the only thing stopping us is those liquor licenses and zoning restrictions the county always worries about. If we have to we’ll invest in some lottery tickets and pray we can open our own warehouse where we can as many people as we want.