Things to Come

Another weekend full of anticipation. Fathom Clothing is starting to get more followers on every platform you can think of, Instagramtwitter, and tumblr. We don’t even know what the hell tumblr is. Or half of this other crap for that matter. But we’re learning, I think the most challenging thing about this whole process is doing all the little things that today are important. Even 20 years ago when the internet was just starting up, no one blogged or advertised online, but it’s necessary now.

The model for a business is so convoluted now. If you build it, they will come no longer works, you have to build it, chill for a few months and be a broken record, which we all hate over here. All we want to do is get some recognition and have people support us, so we can support everyone around us. For Fathom Clothing the most important part of what we do is the artist and musicians and entrepreneurs that are trying to start something and need a hand. We all do, so we don’t discriminate. We don’t care if we make millions, we rather have millions of people working together and creating something. 

Life can get boring, and this is our motivation. We want people to have a place to go to be themselves. There’s a whole world out there that needs a place to hang out. And you’ll notice it if you look. It’s those artist sitting at their studio by themselves and the musicians drinking alone trying to write a verse that makes sense. All those people need to be in the same room together. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t want to live my life in a chat room. So, come out and visit us in the real world. We’re having a party march 7th at Long Island Glass in Holstville, all the information is on our facebook and website, and the following weekend we’ll be in Rhode Island, supporting Op Effect at a St. Patricks Day festival. Hopefully we sell some stuff, but most of all I know we’re going to have fun. See you guys around.