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Cinemagraphs - by Benny Migs

At the last big Fathom photo shoot our photographer Benny Migs blew us away with his beautiful cinemagraphs created with the new company Fixel. Cinemagraphs are know as "living images", they are a fairly new concept as well as a great marketing tool to get your customers engaged in your products.

Benny Migs was featured in many publications including, Revolver, Alternative Press, AmericanPhotoPopular PhotographyRangefinderPhotoshop UserShutterbugNikon WorldField & Stream . In 2014 he release an educational book with Amherst Media called Alternative Portraiture: Artistic Lighting and Design for Environmental Photography. Benny was a recent recipient of the Photographer of the Year award from the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and the Grand Award in the portrait category from the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). 

The photo shoot took place at the Long Island Glass Blowers warehouse in Holbrook with Marilyn Isabella as our female model and Jonathan Evensen as our male fill-in. Fathom had a "Not Com" party in the same location last year with a huge turn out. **Spoiler** ( anther LIG party is happening soon. Stay tuned, it's going to be EPIC. )

Benny's work with Fathom Clothing has gone above and beyond our expectations and we cannot wait for more great work to come out of this connection.





Marilyn Isabella, Alternative ModelMarilyn Isabella, Alternative Model - Benny Migs Photo