A look at LOOMIO, Ben Knight,  and the Spirit of Revolution.

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A look at LOOMIO, Ben Knight, and the Spirit of Revolution.

Loomio is an online tool for collaborative decision-making, built by a team of technologists, activists and social entrepreneurs in New Zealand.

Loomio emerged from the need for a scalable way to make inclusive group decisions during the Occupy movement in 2011.

They experienced the transformative potential of collaborative decision-making, as well as its severe limitations: if people have to be in the same place at the same time to participate, it can never scale.

They set out to build a solution to this problem: using the Internet to give people an easy way to make good decisions together, wherever they are.

It’s called Loomio, like a loom for weaving diverse perspectives together.

Now more than 75,000 people have made more than 25,000 decisions on Loomio and has been the catalyst for social change worldwide. 

Ben Knight is co-founder of Loomio. Ben has an academic background in the evolution of collective intelligence, a practical background in grassroots community organizing, and a passion for the potential of technology to spur positive social change. He was closely involved with the Occupy Movement in 2011.

At FATHOM CLOTHING "Be your own Revolution" is not simply our tagline, but our founders motivating force behind our brand and our spiritual evolution.

You may think to yourself how a clothing company can facilitate social change? Our tees and hoodies act as a billboard to communicate our brand and philosophy alike.

Personally we make efforts through self-examination to improve our well-being and in the process we can help shape our communities, our relationships with one another, and help facilitate positive social change. For more info on LOOMIO click www.loomio.org