A Streetwear Revolution

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A Streetwear Revolution

In a world with double leather and pocket squares, there still exists a world on the opposite side of the fashion spectrum; Where all the contemporary artists can exhume their skeletons and reconstruct their demons with like-minded tattoo artists, abstract painters and off-beat loners building sculptures out of whatever they can find. It can be a beautiful sight to see; all the pretension and angst. All of which, you would assume would’ve gotten crossed out at an early age, but nevertheless they remain a major contributor to the ideas manifested by these budding artists of Long Island, NY.

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In the fashion industry there exists an insatiable itch to be trendy, but like all fads they will eventually fade away into the forgettable places of our minds. But a trend is an experiment; and if someone has the courage to embrace their uniqueness then they will become a model for whatever style they create and lay a foundation on which we can choose to emulate. These things unfortunately are always hit or miss. And it’s hard to predict the nature of individuality, especially on a large scale. So that leaves us with a question; how do you continue to captivate an audience that most likely doesn’t care or simply allow themselves to stray away from the familiar.

You don’t, but we will always at least try. At Fathom Clothing we are forced by necessity to adapt to the needs of our supporters. Without them we would be nothing and nothing is the loneliest place you could be; regardless if you’re a company or a starving artist. This is why we focus on our community, because we know all too well that our audience is made up primarily of these artists and if they do well then in turn we will do well.

But back to Streetwear. Generally, most people can categorize streetwear as a mash of skateboard, surf, hip hop and retro styles. As these individual movements started to take place in the 80’s and 90’s many brands, such as, Stussy and Bape, began taking ideas from those separate styles and combining them to create a lawless unrestricted casual style in which remains in a constant state of evolution.

As far as Fathom Clothing is concerned, this is the most appealing style we could produce. We were born of an idea of free thought and expression. We embrace artists of all genres and wish to give our followers interesting and provocative designs. There is always more than meets the surface with Fathom Clothing; Every symbol is a reminder of the struggles in life and the unity of the expressions of individual purpose and understanding. Revolution is also a Re-evolution of all the ideas and beliefs we grow up with and deduce from experience; We all sense the need to change something, but it’s quite hard to see what’s broken when these things in life are all that we know.

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