Alive After Five

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Alive After Five

PATCHOGUE, New York – July 7th 2016 marks the first Alive After Five Festival of the season. And as expected the turn out produced a stunning variety of Long Islanders looking to enjoy themselves and take advantage of the many activities the Alive After Five Festival provides. This year there is 10 Stages for live music, a whole block dedicated to art and artists, a wide spectrum of vendors and even a petting zoo. Every year this festival out does itself; bringing together the broad interests of Patchogue villagers and concentrating them all in one place. 

Fathom Clothing had the honor of being placed right in the middle of the section devoted to artists; The only place they are proud to call home. And thanks to James Skidmore, a staple of Patchogue and creator of Alive After Five, and David Kennedy, Director of the Patchogue Chamber of Commerce; Fathom Clothing made a ton of sales and more importantly got a chance to meet more long islanders and bring James’ founding motto for Fathom, “Be Your Own Revolution”, out of the shadows.

It was interesting to see people walk past vendors and decide which booths they would visit. By the end of the night, only and hand full of the vendors’ present were disappointed. Especially in the art section, you could witness artists having in depth conversations about their work with candid smiles. In the normal forums of art galleries, the audience is specific and weary, so it is often hard to convey any messages about the artwork the artists featured will display. The real beauty of the Alive After Five Festival is the open mindedness the patrons tend to have as they walk through the crowds; There is no other place like it. Families would pass the Fathom Clothing booth and stop, even if only briefly, and look considerately at the shirts and photographs by Dueling Lenses Media, and it’s in that moment that you sense that what you are doing as a clothing company and essentially as artists, is right and purposeful.

The next Alive After Five Festival is scheduled for July 21, 2016 and if luck would have it, Fathom Clothing will be again placed in the section of artists next to the coveted Blue Point Brewery Stage. Dueling Lenses, who just spent the weekend of July 9 at the warped tour will be sharing the booth with Fathom Clothing. And there will be plenty to keep the wandering eyes entertained. Please join everybody at Alive After Five and come visit the artists; They never have anything dull to say.