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PATCHOGUE, New York – July 7th 2016 marks the first Alive After Five Festival of the season. And as expected the turn out produced a stunning variety of Long Islanders looking to enjoy themselves and take advantage of the many activities the Alive After Five Festival provides. This year there is 10 Stages for live music, a whole block dedicated to art and artists, a wide spectrum of vendors and even a petting zoo. Every year this festival out does itself; bringing together the broad interests of Patchogue villagers and concentrating them all in one place.  Fathom Clothing had the...

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In a world with double leather and pocket squares, there still exists a world on the opposite side of the fashion spectrum; Where all the contemporary artists can exhume their skeletons and reconstruct their demons with like-minded tattoo artists, abstract painters and off-beat loners building sculptures out of whatever they can find. It can be a beautiful sight to see; all the pretension and angst. All of which, you would assume would’ve gotten crossed out at an early age, but nevertheless they remain a major contributor to the ideas manifested by these budding artists of Long Island, NY. In the...

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There hasn’t been a more crucial time in Pakistan to talk about education. With the country’s population currently comprising a youth majority, this passing era could very well be a turning point for the nation, except that the absence of an adequate education system prevents young people from attaining their game-changing potential. Sister Zeph is an award winning crusader for girls education in rural Punjab, Pakistan (where 52% of women are illiterate), braves threats to her life and her school (Zephania Free Education), to provide education to hundreds of girls annually. The 2014 recipient of World Pulse's Lynn Syms Prize,...

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