God of this Age

God of this Age

"You want me to go back and kill Adam and Eve?! Are you fucking mad? Didn't you
learn about paradoxes in your fancy school?" Cane said furiously, tossing the manila
envelope on the table holding his assignment.
The man in the suit across from him smiled devilishly. "Humans have plagued this earth
for long enough. We are the greatest enemy to ever set foot on this planet. We intend
on fixing the problem right at the creation. We want to cause such a paradox that God
*has* to step in and intervene, and that's when you are going to attack. We intend on
sending you with a pistol, and a black hole generator. Before you kill Adam and Eve,
prepare the generator, and set it off immediately after their dead. If you time it right, you
should be able to jump back here." Cane looked at the man blankly.
"That's suicide man. Anyways, you guys have been shoving the whole 'Big Bang' thing
for years. Now you want me to believe there not only is a God, but you want *me* to kill
him." Cane said with conviction. He began thinking of his parents that both died of
cancer when he was a boy, of the uncle who beat him. Of the other kids who mistreated
him because he could not afford nice clothes, or afford anything for that matter. Of the
wars, and diseases running rampant, of the sick and poor suffering, while rich evil men
controlled the wills of others through greed and destruction. "Sign me up." Cane said.
The man in the suit smiled devilishly again. "Excellent, we will begin immediately." He
stood from the conference table and proceeded to the prep room across the hall. Cane
stood as well, following the suit across the hall. Cane had been on prior missions
before, quickly adorning the usual gear. The white time watch sat on his wrist, a silver
pistol on his belt. The suit grabbed a box off the counter, it was chrome and slick. The
sexiest WMD Cane had ever seen.
The suit noticed Cane eyeing the box. "You heard of the Large Hadron Collider? Well,
this is a pocket version that only causes Black Holes. The chances of it not creating a
Black Hole are equal to the chances of the LHC causing one. You know your mission.
We hope to see you again." Cane took the box, eyeing the only switch on the entire
"How long after I turn it on before it goes off?" Cane asked. The suit smiled again.
"You will be given a half a minute before it detonates. Good luck." The suit smiled again,
walking Cane to the time machine. Cane stepped up onto the white floor, large metal
doors wrapped around, ready to close and contain the time vortex until Cane was back,
or dead. "You know the drill, push the button on your watch when you want to zip back
here." The suit pressed a button on the machine, the thick metal doors slowly slid
closed, clamping shut after several excruciatingly long moments. A whirling wind and
ear piercing noise slammed Cane's senses at the same moment, barely causing him to
flinch, the noise and pressure were familiar. A bright light blinded him, even though he
closed his eyes in anticipation to it. The breath was sucked from his lungs and he
gasped for air.

As suddenly as it began, every sensation Cane had felt vanished, except he was still
gasping for air. Opening his eyes, Cane looked around. He landed next to a tree on the
outskirts of a tilled field. A man with olive skin and little more than rags covering his
groins, labored on the other end of the field, a small hut sat behind him. Cane smiled, a
perfect jump. Setting up the Black Hole generator, Cane hovered with his finger over the
Cane contemplated what he was about to do, he was going to set off a Paradox to kill a
'God'. Maybe even The God. A small smirk crept up Cane's face. Cane pulled the pistol
from his belt and pressed the button on the machine, counting down in his head.
*30*...He took off running.
*29*...50 yards from first target.
*28*...45 yards from first target, man still hasn't noticed Cane.
*27*...40 yards from first target, Cane spots movement in the window of the hut. A smile
spreads across his face.
*26*...35 yards from first target, second target located, 45 yards from second target, and
*23*...20 yards from first target, Adam noticed Cane's charge, smiled and waved,
speaking foreign language.
*21*...10 yards from first target, Cane takes aim with his gun, giving him the army
double tap, two shoots in the chest, one in the head. A look of terror frozen on Adams
face as he dropped to the ground.
*19*...Cane passed Adam's lifeless body, a rip formed in midair, showing a black void
on the other side. Cane's eyes grew wide once he saw the crack. Stifling the fear that
rose in his chest, he continued charging forward. The noise from the gun shot had
drawn Eve's attention, getting her to come outside.
*18*...Eve saw Adam lying on the ground bleeding, and the black rip in the air showing
the void, and screamed. Bringing her eyes to Cane.
Cane took advantage of her shock, aiming and squeezing off three more shots like the
first. Eve didn't have time to react, her face frozen in a perpetual scream. Her body hit
the ground, and another rip formed in the sky, tearing open blackness from horizon to
horizon, offsetting the clear blue skies.

*15*...Cane holstered his gun, reaching for his time watch and pressing the return
button. Nothing happened. Cane frantically pressed the button, again and again. The
fear he stifled earlier began creeping up into his chest again.
*10*...Cane turned and ran back towards the Black Hole generator. Beginning the mad
dash across the field.
*5*...Cane's legs were pumping furiously, barely making purchase with the ground
before rocketing off again.
*1*...Cane made it to the machine, reaching down to press the button.
*0*...The generator hummed, and Cane was consumed by blackness...

A man sat in a suit in a small windowless room, with only white walls surrounding him.
An audible **pop** can be heard behind him. A smile crept across his the suited mans
face. "Father."
"Dammit Lucifer. I told you no paradoxes, it fucks everything up." Lucifer's father said,
standing in a robe of fine white material, a great white beard plastered on his face. He
rubbed the bridge of his nose.
"What can I say Father, I was ridding this planet of your worst plague. The abomination
you called Man. The planet will live for eons now that man is no longer here to war and
hate." Lucifer said coolly, not turning to look at his father.
"Ah... My lost son. You forget that they are also capable of love and peace. If only you
didn't spread false beliefs. Or corrupted the innocent. We reap what we sow. Now, if you
will excuse me. I have a mess to clean up." God spoke with compassion to Lucifer. An
audible **pop** can be heard again, and Lucifer can feel the loneliness again. The word
of his father sinking in.


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