We Are Fathom Clothing

What do you get when you take a drive for creating art, some blank tee-shirts and a simple idea; “Be Your Own Revolution”. You get Fathom, a company whose purpose is to take those three things, in any order, and combine them with the help of local artists and anyone with a desire to express themselves and create great clothes. We pride ourselves on our hard work and will help any of those willing to share theirs with the Fathom community and the rest of the world. All of the greatest achievements had humble beginnings. Originally started in Patchogue, NY a small but upcoming town on Long Island, inspiration was abundant. Once we realized that the change we wanted to make had to come from within ourselves, it all just became just a matter of harnessing that energy and turning it into something productive and influential. We also believe strongly that you get back what you give, so one of the most important aspects of Fathom is the community. The best support comes from the environment around us and the strength in collaboration is obvious. That is why we encourage local artists to contribute their designs and also anyone who would like to see those designs come to life in clothing, by donating to them. 

Fathom That...

Fathom is a clothing company that supports the uniqueness and strengths of our individual clients. We were founded by Dexter Dible; A graphic designer, photographer and artist, along with James Skidmore; A financier and revolutionist, who loves to see the achievements of others raise the height of their potentials. And Steven Butera; An entrepreneur and writer, who believes in the power and influence of our ideas and the impact they have on the community. Altogether, they wish to bring to life a company that not only gives local artists a platform to spread their ideas, but one that takes care of their own without any exceptions and actively takes part in the community which they live. It is our mission to encourage and help people of all types and creativity, to harness the things that make them who they are, and to create something meaningful and everlasting. We will do everything in our power to share there ideas and give a voice to the voiceless, a means to the mean-less and a revolution to the souls trapped within themselves. We will liberate those willing to accept the fact that in a world filled with technology, that it is time to stop hiding behind it. Face the world and stop excluding ourselves from the moments that we live in. Fathom is a company where the sum of its parts truly does equal the whole and every person has a place in which only that person with his/her unique qualities can fill. And this is our purpose, to give everyone the chance to become their own revolution.