How Do I Place An Order?

Select an item you like then select size and click on "add to bag" then continue shopping until you are ready to complete your purchase. Then, click  “Proceed to Checkout” to confirm your items. After you have made any changes and updated the quantities as desired, click “Check Out" to complete your order.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?
Fathom Clothing accepts:


Discover Card


American Express


International Payment

AVOID FRAUD: An order confirmation with a copy of your drivers license and credit card may be required before processing an order. Order confirmations are to protect you against fraud. 

Will I Be Charged Tax?

 We are required to collect sales tax for the state of New York only. The tax rate applied to your order will generally be the combined state and local rate for the address where your order is shipped.

 How Will I Know That My Order Was Accepted?

 You will receive an email confirmation shortly after your order has been placed. Please allow up to 2 business days for order processing. Feel free to contact us direct with any questions at 631.487.9314 from 9:00am-4:00pm, PST, via email at info@fathom.clothing

 Can I Add or Remove Items From My Order Once It Is Submitted?

Once your order has been submitted, we begin processing your order, which entails a number of steps. During this time we cannot add or remove items from your order.

 Can I Cancel My Order After It Has Been Placed?

Once your order is submitted, we begin processing your order with-in 1-2 business days. During this time we are unable to modify or cancel your order.

Fathom Clothing wants to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your shopping experience, but in case there is a problem, we gladly offer easy returns.

What If An Item Is Out Of Stock?

 If an item from your order is out of stock, you will be notified via email and a refund will automatically be issued to the original purchasing credit card.


  • We will gladly accept returns of merchandise purchased November 1st through December 25th until February 1st .
  • If you are returning a gift and are not the original purchaser, please be sure to indicate any changes to the delivery address.
  • Please note the return credit will apply to the original form of payment used to make the purchase.

Where Do You Draw Inspiration?

From within ourselves and our environment. There is no specific source or muse that we have to draw from. We keep an open mind and process the world around us in a way that allows a constant and positive flow of ideas to and from our clothes. We design the clothes that we would like to wear and also the clothes that we believe anyone else would wear. There is no audience that we cater to, humanity is too diverse and complicated to design clothes specifically for. So we try to design clothes that we all can relate to and appreciate.

What Does Fathom Mean?

Fathom is just a word that has a lot of possibilities. And if you think of the word itself it opens up a big discussion on thought and understanding. That’s all we are really trying to do is look at the world with different perspectives and understand it without bias. Fathom is what you fathom it to be.

What Does "Be Your Own Revolution" Mean?

Be Your Own Revolution is the mantra that we live by. We saw in ourselves a desire to be heard and also to change the things we thought needed to be. But until you realize what needs to be changed within yourself you can’t possibly change the things around you. So it is just an encouragement to take responsibility for your thoughts and to always challenge yourself in an effort to always become better than you currently are.

How Do I Become A Model?

We see the beauty in all walks of life. Fathom wants to give others the chance to be there own revolution and inspire those around them. To wear Fathom means to spread the ideals and passions of your fellow humans and give words to the speechless. You can be a Fathom model by just being yourself, or visiting our model page and submitting a request.